Chapter 1 – False. Evidence. Appearing. Real.

FEAR. It may be the single most destructive human emotion in existence. How many times a day does fear creep in? Are we even aware of its presence, or does it just live inside us like a parasite slowly consuming its host with each tick of the clock. Who put it there, and why? Who propagates it, and for what purpose? Can the battle with fear ever be won?

At some point, we all come face to face with our own worst fears. I’m reminded of the scene where Yoda sends Luke into the cave to face his fears.

“What is in the cave, Yoda?”
“Only what you take with you.”

Many of us spend our lives running and hiding from our fears. Luke is forced to confront his worst fears in order to grow and become the warrior he is meant to be. What was the risk involved? What did Luke have to lose?

Nothing you nerds, it’s only a movie!

Seriously though, what would happen if we decided to confront our fears? What’s really at stake when you decide to take those risks?

I’ll tell you what I risked in the next chapter. Thanks for reading!