Chapter 2 – Risky Business

Some people are risk-takers. Some are risk-averse. I’m somewhere in between I guess. I take risks, but only after lengthy deliberation and precise calculation.

Sure, I took a risk leaving my home state of UT at the impressionable young age of 23. But this was after a nice long deliberation period. A six year deliberation period to be exact. And during those six years, I managed to get a couple very useful college degrees (precise calculation). I was ready for an adventure!

Fast forward 16 years – married to a smoking hot wife. One beautiful son and one more in the oven. Living rent free in an investment property that pays for itself. Two cars bought and paid for. A boat. I guess you could say we were pretty comfortable. But here’s the thing about comfort. It‘s boring!

If you stay in your comfort zone for too long, you start to slip. You lose a step. You get fat (at least I do). You lose your edge.

This guy gets it!

So naturally, right when things got super comfortable, we decided to risk everything and head home. We sold our duplex, sold most of our shit, packed up a Uhaul, and it was “Wagon’s East!”

We didn’t really have a calculated plan, but we knew we’d have plenty of help. First stop – Kenilworth. You’ve probably never heard of it. It’s an old coal mining town with a population of about 400. Kenilworth is a stunningly beautiful place. It also happens to be where my parents live. They graciously invited us to stay at their place while we sorted things out.

Things were looking pretty good. There we were, together as a family, with Grandpa and Grandma helping us out. We were surrounded with love, sunshine, and laughter.

How could we have prepared for what happened next? How could we have known…